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Manvel Football - Chevy Spotlight

A district championship is nothing new for the Mavericks. Due to cancellations, they’ve only managed 6 games thus far, but in those contests, Manvel has averaged over 6 touchdowns a game. Speed at the skilled positions is what most people point at for their dominance, but if you ask anyone on this team, they’ll say the play in the trenches is the secret to their success.

The only thing that has slowed the Mavericks down this season is the injury bug. Manvel has had more guys on the shelf unlike any time in recent history. It’s not an excuse….it’s just fact. And to combat the rash of injuries, the Mavericks fall back on their philosophy of “next man up”.

The Mavericks have a legit chance of a state title as they are currently ranked 5th in the state for Class 5-A division 1. With two weeks to get healthy, Manvel should have a lot of their walking wounded back. And then there’s always that added motivation of history. Manvel was in the state title game 3 years ago when they fell literally one yard short of their first ever state title against Highland Park. Most of the seniors were freshman on that team and admit it’s was a hard pill to swallow.

Come post season, you won’t find one team feeling sorry for the Mavericks as they deal with their injuries. Opponents will still want to slay the dragon which is why Manvel stays ready knowing the bullseye on their back only gets bigger by the week.