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Klein Cain at Tomball Memorial - 2020 Week 9 Highlights

Tomball Memorial hosted Klein Cain in what was expected to be a shootout, and you know what.....it was!

This one was full of big plays. This is WIldcat Quarterback Joseph Manjack, subbing for hurt starter Colton Marwill and I think he did quite the job. This is a 71 yard keeper, his second long touchdown run of the game, and Tomball Memorial was up 22-6.

Hurricanes have a 5 star running back that would not let them quit. That's Jaydon (Jay-don) Blue and take a look at him break through the middle and book it 66 yards for a Klein Cain touchdown. They still trailed 22-12 in the first.

2nd quarter, Hurricanes take the lead with this Carson Roper 3 yard sneak. Cain leads 26-22.

Down 29-26 now, Roper trying to make something happen before half, but Dylan Heyward makes the pick for the Wildcats and he's not happy with just the turnover, he wants the 6 point as well. Heyward maneuvers his way 55 yards for the touchdown. Tomball Memorial lights up the scoreboard again with a 64-49 win.