Katy Tompkins at Cy Ranch - 2022 Week 1 Houston High School Football Highlights

Cy Ranch taking the field to play Katy Tompkins for the first time ever.

First quarter, Chris Gilbert dumps a pass out to Jase McMillon in the flats. Jase juggles it, but once he secures the catch, he races down the sidelines for a 36 yard score. Tompkins up 7-0.

Still First, Mustangs Blake Baker has time to throw and hits Tracy James on the sidelines. James turns it into a 42 yard score but with the missed extra point, Cy Ranch trailed 7-6 at half.

3rd quarter, somehow Wyatt Young gets behind the secondary and Gilbert connects with him for a 41 yard score. 17-6 Falcons.

4th quarter, Down 24-9, Cy Ranch leans on Kyle McCray to make something happen and he takes it in from the 4 to make the game close.

Still 4th, Tompkins Caleb Blocker runs into a pile, but comes out the other side. From there it's a clear path to the end zone for a 44 yard score. Falcons win this one 31-23.