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Katy Paetow vs FB Hightower - 2020 Week 14 Highlights

Katy Paetow and Fort Bend Hightower playing for post season seeding Friday morning.

Defense was the name of the game in this one as both quarterbacks would be handed "sack lunches" in the first half. Nothing doing for the first 24 minutes as the game remained scoreless at the half.

Finally, the Panthers would get some points on the board. This is Damon Bankston with the 18 yard jaunt to the end zone. Paetow up 7-0.

Hurricanes with the ball now and Jakolby Longino avoids the pressure and finds Dajon (Dijon) DuBose and DuBose picks up 45 yards to the 19 yard line.

Very next play, Charles Snelling breaks a tackle at the line of scrimmage and gets to the end zone to tie it up at 7.

3:39 left in the game and Paetow's Anthony Fuentes gives the Panthers the lead as his 41 yard Field Goal attempt just makes it past the crossbar. 10-7.

Last chance for Hightower, but Longino is sacked yet again. This time by Daymion Sanford and Jacob Johnson. Paetow wins it 10-7 and will be the 3 seed out of 10-5A Division 1. Hightower is the 4 seed.