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Katy Paetow at Angleton - 2020 Week 13 Highlights

Katy Paetow taking on Angleton for a playoff spot in 10-5A Division 1.

Nice night for the Panthers Damon Bankston. First quarter, Bankston is stopped at the line of scrimmage, but he didn't want to be he kept going and that 40 yard run to the 5 yard line would set up a touchdown.

Angleton ties it at 7 next drive. Watch running back Kheri Humphrey just force his quarterback, Jordan Pickett, in the end zone from the one. That's nice teamwork.

However, the Wildcats tried to get cute with an onsides kick after the score and it just goes horribly wrong. Daymion Sanford takes it off the bounce and says bye bye....that's a touchdown and the Panthers back up 14-7.

They would pour it on from there behind, Bankston. The senior rushed for 157 yards including this 12 yard run to the pilon in the 4th. Katy Paetow is playoff bound with the 38-14 victory.