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Katy at Dickinson - 2020 Week 10 Highlights

Katy's game with Dickinson was moved from a Saturday game in Katy to a Friday game in Dickinson.
One less day to prepare and suddenly on the road didn't affect the Tigers at all. First play from scrimmage, Jalen Davis takes the handoff and "Goodbye, my friend....don't forget to write"....that's a 60 yard slap in the mouth to the Gators. 7-0
It didn't get any better, next possession, Caleb Kroger on the play action and his tight end, Fernando Garza is too big of a target to miss....14-0 Tigers
Second quarter, Seth Davis saw his big brother Jalen score earlier and he wanted one too......Seth scores from the 6, 21-0 Katy
The Katy "D" would do their thing too. Watch Gators quarterback Marlon Allen get rocked from behind by Sheperd Bowling. The Katy Tigers run away with this one 49-7