FB Clements at George Ranch - 2020 Week 10 Highlights

Fort Bend Clements visiting George Ranch Thursday night.

Down 10-0, the Rangers get rolling. That's running back Dimas (Duh-mas) Kusama (Cous-a-ma) racing through a big hole and getting to the red zone on the 57 yard run. They'd get 3 out of the drive and trail by 7.

Rest of the game was all Longhorns. Just before half, Sam Miller stays in the pocket until Javon Gipson is open. That's a 32 yard touchdown. 17-3 George Ranch at half.

3rd quarter, 5'8" Kenneth White takes the handoff right side and has his eyes on that pylon. He gets in there for the 17 yard score. 24-3 Longhorns.

Gotta show you the hit of the night. George Ranch's Bryce Grays snuffs this play out from the start and POW!!!!!! what a hit!!!. George Ranch goes on to the 31-3 victory