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El Campo vs Kilgore - 2020 Week 13 Highlights

The El Campo Ricebirds fired up to face off against the Kilgore Bulldogs in the second round of the playoffs

Kilgore up 7-0 and on the doorstep again but Dalton McElyea's toss into the endzone is intercepted by El Campo's Isaiah Anderson to stop the drive

We move to the 2nd quarter. This time Kilgore finishes the drive with Trayveon Epps getting in from 8 yds out for a 14-0 lead

El Campo, backed up to their own 4 yard line, needs a spark and RB Rueben Owens gives it to them. Owens looks like he's going to be stuffed at the line of scrimmage but he finds his way thru the traffic & into the open field. Nobody's gonna catch him. 94 yards later the Ricebirds cut the lead in half 14-7, a huge momentum swing!

El Campo trailed by 14 in the third, but RB Johntre Davis barrels in from a yard out, that Cuts it's it to 21-14

Less than 2 minutes left and El Campo is down 10. Just looking for a last gasp but there's Dalton Smith with his 2nd interception of the quarter to close it out. Ricebirds season ends with a 27-14 loss