Cy Park at Spring Westfield - 2022 Week 1 Houston High School Football Highlights

Spring Westfield kicking off their 2022 campaign against Cy Park Friday night.

Preston Hatter at quarterback. He transferred in from Klein Oak. Made a pretty good impression as he goes deep to Da' John Palomo for a 61 yard touchdown. 7-0 Mustangs

Hatter looking to go deep again, this time he finds Anthony Cathcarrt who gets behind the defense, it covers 56 yards, Mustangs rolling.

And then how about one more time Hatter to Palomo, this time in the flats as Palomo shows off his speed and gets a nice block and he dives in for another score. Hatter throws for 340 yards and 6 touchdowns as Spring Westfield coasts to a 63-3 win.