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Chevy Spotlight - Boling Powerlifting

Most see power lifting as a sport for big, 6 foot individuals looking to get ready for football season, but that’s not the case. Take Peyton for example. A coach in another sport suggested taking it up as a freshman and four years later, she’s steadily improved enough to make it to state as a senior

Being able to lift 100 pounds more as a senior then she did as a freshman has built her confidence. But that is what this sport is really about. Building self-confidence. Being able to achieve something you didn’t think you could.

These kids have grown in more ways than just confidence. While they juggle school, other sports and sometimes a job, they’ve learned discipline through their work in the weight room

For Peyton, she’s reached her goal as a senior of making it to state which is only a few weeks away. To her, winning state isn’t the main objective. She’s there to prove her hard work over the past 4 years has paid off.