Bellaire Episcopal at St. John's - 2023 Week 22 Basketball Highlights

2nd ranked Bellaire Episcopal visiting 5th ranked St. John's in solid private school matchup 2nd quarter, Episcopal's Justin Begg with the steal, the spin, and the burst of speed to the tin for 2 of his 17 points and the "nerds" like that (dressed up like nerds) 3rd quarter, Sebastian Williams-Adams bullies his way all the way to the rim for the basket as the Mavericks have a small lead. 4th quarter, Knights' Alim (Uh-Leem) Olajuwon open for 3 and he drops it in. 17 points for him and Episcopal was up 50-47. Still 4th, Mavericks make a run. Jake Hunt in the corner...hey, move out the way ref!!!!...anyway, Hunt splashes it. St. John's up 53-50. Then Williams-Adams goes all the way to the bucket for 2 of his 21 points. St. John's wins this one 71-58. Subscribe to Houston Inside High School Sports to stay up to date on everything high school sports related in the Greater Houston Area! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Visit our website: #ihss #txhsfb