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The Village School at Incarnate Word Academy girls - Week 23 Highlights

"There's Malone, the Texas A&M recruit, ready for action last night.

Didn't take her long as she flashes in the paint and Sydney Ward finds her for the easy layup.

Then she rebounds the missed the 3 and forces her way up for the bucket. The Village School up 16.

For Incarnate Word, how about Anora Lee on the break, gets some contact and somehow makes the bucket.

The Village stepped up the defense. Karlie Sampson with the steal and then passes to Rylee Grays for the hoop and the harm. Nice play.

Then Aiken Semones (Suh-moan-ez) gets her feet set in the corner and drills the corner 3 ball. The Village School proving why they're number 1 in the state with the 77-48 win.