Stratford Spartans vs Memorial Mustangs - 2014 Football - Week 1

Spring Branch ISD rivals Stratford and Memorial went at it at Tully Stadium. 1st Quarter, Stratford at the 41, QB Bryce Hooper back to pass & he goes deep near sideline to Brice Stevenson. Touchdown! 7-0 Spartans. Next drive, Stratford at the 44 and this is not a replay. The Bryces hook up again. Hooper to Stevenson. 14-0 Spartans. Memorial responds. From their own 34, play action pass & QB Matthew Jordan looking deep for Morgan Whatley. Finds him in stride & they cut the deficit to 14-7 at the half. 3rd quarter, Memorial’s Chris Beggins with the carry from the 34. Great run avoiding defenders & staying in bounds, into the endzone for six. We’re tied at 14. 4th quarter, Mustangs down 17-14 after a FG & Memorial’s Matthew Jordan going deep for Morgan Whatley. He’s tackled at the 19 with less than 1 minutes to go. A few plays later at the 2 yard line, Colton Taylor takes the snap & he’ll get in for the go ahead touchdown. 21-17 Memorial. 15 seconds left & Stratford with one last chance inside the 30. The throw into the endzone is intercepted by Walker Crow. Memorial wins a wild one.