St. John's School vs Bellaire Episcopal - Boys 2022 Basketball Highlights

Southwest Preparatory Conference semifinal game pitted Bellaire Episcopal against St. John's Friday night.

Down 5 at the half, Mavericks let senior, Jackson Cormier get busy as he leans into a long 2 pointer. St. John's down 34-33.

For the Knights, Desean Brodie was open in the corner and he proceeded to make it rain as Bellaire Episcopal widen their lead to 6.

Cormier did all he could to keep St. John's in this one. 18 points on the night including this nice drive to the hoop.

But Episcopal would do take it into the paint as well. Off the steal, Jordan Burroughs would take the contact and finish the play for the hoop and the harm. Knights up 45-34.

4th quarter, no one guarding the paint at all so Brendon Mwamba takes it to the rack for the score. Knights advance to face Greenhill in the final with a 63-50 win.