Spring Westfield at North Shore - 2022 Week 3 Houston High School Football Game of the Week

Could Spring Westfield pull off yet another upset of North Shore?

North Shore was determined to not make that happen. First quarter, 3rd & 10, but they keep it on the ground. Wise choice...Rashaad Johnson is home free for a 53-yard touchdown. North Shore leads it 7-0.

Up 14-3 and after a Westfield turnover, Kaleb Bailey drops back to pass but the pocket collapses. A couple juke moves here and there and Bailey is on his way to a 28-yard score to put North Shore up 21-3 still in the first.

40 seconds left in the first quarter and Westfield is punting. It goes to Evan Jackson and he's been doing this all year for the Mustangs.....just waits for the hole and breaks it to the house. A 63-yard touchdown as Evan Jackson is a special teams dynamo. 27-3 North Shore after 1.

2nd quarter and here we go again. Rashaad Johnson and the North Shore offensive line just punishing the Westfield defense. This is a 43-yard score. 11 minutes to go in the half and North Shore is up 34-3.

2:20 left in the half and Bailey hits Cameron Smith on this 6-yard dart. Westfield says "Uncle" as North Shore is a team on a mission. They win it 55-25.