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Spring Westfield at Atascocita - 2021 Basketball Highlights

David Martinez had put together another solid squad this year at Atascocita.

First quarter, check out the sweet back door pass from Kaleb Pouncy to Connor Miller to put the Eagles up 10-6

2nd quarter, Eagles' Landon Jumawan (Juma-wan) reaches in for the steal and he has a free lane to the basket. Atascocita up 26-20 at the half

Second half, Mustangs Willie Williams is double teammed on the block, but still finds a way to put it in with the right hand to keep the deficit at 6.

Then Mario Johnson goes down the baseline for the basket plus he's hacked in the act. He led all scorers with 20 points but it wasn't enough as Atascocita wins it 47-43.