Playoffs Week 1 - Crosby Cougars vs. Ozen Panthers - 2014 Football

Crosby Beaumont Ozen More from 5A Division 2. Crosby was looking to bounce back against Ozen after suffering its first loss of the season last week. 1.First Quarter, Crosby inside the 5. Craig Williams cuts it up and scores. 7-0 Crosby. 2. Then tristan Cotton drops back and fires a strike to Trevor Larkin 37 yard TD, The Cougars jump out to a quick 14-0 lead. 3. But tristan Cotton is picked off by Derrick Winters and he is going to turn into a pick 6. 39 yard return fro a TD 14-13. 4. But Carlos Grace will go 10 yards an flip into the end zone. Crosby up 21-16 At the half. 5. 3rd Quarter, Carlos Grace breaks free and he will race for the corner of the end zone 28-16 6. Then Grace scores his third TD of the game, this one from 3 yards out. 34-18. 7.Then Craig Williams from 3 yards out 41-18, Crosby advances with a 41-24 win