Inside High School Sports Houston | Pearland vs Pearland Dawson Girls…

Pearland vs Pearland Dawson Girls - Texas High School Girls Basketball Highlights

On the girls side, Pearland Dawson hosting Pearland in their crosstown rivalry…

Pearland’s Jasmin Allen comes away with the early rebounds, she backs the ball out, and decides to go right back into the paint and lays it in for two.

Then the Lady Oilers go inside to senior standout De Gaston, basket and the foul and she’s fired up!

Dawson looks to answer from the perimeter, as Jordan Skaggs knocks down the mid-range jumper for the Lady Eagles.

Gaston continues to dominate at the other end, nice post move for two of her game-high 19 points. Pearland up 16 at halftime.

How about some defense from Pearland in the 2nd half, Allen with the steal and pushes it ahead to Alaina Hampton for the transition basket.

Later, it’s Hampton with steal in the backcourt and she takes it herself for the easy layup, Lady Oilers in control.

Dawson not going away though, Jalayah Ingram(Juh-lay-uh) with the steal and she heads the other way, coast to coast and she finishes with the layup.

Pearland just too tough though, Gaston with the steal and she looks to run, she misses the layup but there’s Aryelle(Like Ariel) Stevens for the putback, and Pearland wins it, 51-36 is the final.