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Pearland Dawson at Shadow Creek - 2021 Basketball Highlights

17th ranked Pearland Dawson taking on 19th ranked Shadow Creek.

Eagles looking good early as Jaden Miller catches the full court touchdown pass for a layup.

Then Tyree Davis hits the spot up 3 to give Dawson the brief lead.

I say brief, because the Sharks came back with the fierceness. Cam Amboree weaves in and out of traffic, misses the layup, but Shawn Jones slams it home.

Then Jones on the break and no one is going to stop this 2 hand flush. Sharks up 16-9 after 1.

2nd quarter, Bryce Jackson takes a liking to 3 point land as he sizes up 3 in a row and splashes them all. 13 points for Jackson on the night and Shadow Creek is cruising 36-15 at the half.

Second half, how about another Shawn Jones dunk….there’s one off the “oop” from Amboree. 20 points for Jones an Shadow Creek wins it 60-42.