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Manvel vs Shadow Creek - 2021 Basketball Highlights

Nice crowd for a non district game between Manvel and Shadow Creek.

First quarter, Jamari McDowell goes back door for the Mavericks to give them the early 3 point lead.

Sharks Cam Amboree works around a couple picks and then drains the rainbow 3 pointer.

But there is McDowell again....stepping into the passing lane and he has a free trip to the rim for the two handed dunk.

And then, with no one wanting to guard Fred Weary, he just takes it into the paint for the scoop layup. Manvel up 37-32 at the half.

Second half, Mavericks attack the rim again, but not this time. Bryce Jackson with the block and Amboree takes it the other way before dishing to Chase Cain for 2 of his 14 points.

Then here's Amboree with the floater for 2 of his 21 points. Boy, he loves that high arching shot doesn't he? Sharks up 51-38 with 2:21 left.

Over right? Wrong. Here comes the Manvel press. They would go on a 16-3 run in a little under 2 minutes. McDowell with the bucket here to tie it at 54.

But the Sharks would buckle down and make their free throws to pull it out 58-54.