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Houston Furr vs Houston Wheatley - 2021 Basketball Highlights

Barnett Fieldhouse was the setting for a H-I-S-D clash between Wheatley and Furr.

And it's Saturday, so the bank is open for Julius Crosby's 3 pointer. He scored 15 of his 19 points in the first half. Wildcats up 4 early.

Then Crosby will have it stripped by Jacobee Giles and Giles heads the other way. However Crosby meets him at the rim with the block, but David Lee is there for the putback.

Here comes Giles again on the break and Crosby is waiting for him, but Giles switches to the left hand and avoid the block. Giles led the Brahma (bray ma) Bulls with 18 points.

Then Demetric Kindle takes it to the rack, gets hammered, but still scores. Furr pulls this one out 71-55.