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Houston Christian vs Addison Greenhill - Texas High School Girls Basketball Highlights

On the Girls side, Houston Christian taking on Addison Greenhill in the SPC State Championship.

Funny moment at the end of first half. Greenhill fans try to trick Hannah Nicholas into taking a bad shot by counting down the clock works, as she shoots a hook shot from 3 point land....but it goes in!!!!!!! Lady Mustangs trail 29-24 at halftime.

Second half, Houston Christian rallies back. Nicholas running the break and hits Kayla Mackel spotting up for 3.....swish.

Then off the inbounds, there's Tramani Bartlett underneath for the hoop and the harm. Mustangs inching back to with in 4.

Then Barlett again, as she keeps her pivot foot in place and manuevers around her defender for the basket. They trail 38-36 with 2:30 left.

But Greenhill's Kiante Woods drops a 3 ball on 'em with just over a minute to play and Houston Christian falls in the SPC Title game 43-40 is the final.