Fort Bend Clements at Fort Bend Ridge Point - Boys 2022 Basketball Highlights

Clements and Ridge Point battling it out for second place in 20-6A

And NBA Hall of Famer, Hakeem Olajuwon on hand to see his son, Abdullah, play for Clements

The Rangers gets things started in the first. That's Divine Ugochukwu with the steal and two big steps to the hoop for the basket

Then the ball goes into the younger Olajuwon...Abdullah with an easy bucket.

For Ridge Point, how about the son of another former NBA star, T J Ford Junior kniving through the defense for a basket and the Panthers lead by 1 at the break.

Second half, Ford connects on a 3 pointer to get Ridge Point within 2.

Rangers work it back inside to Olajuwon for another bucket and dad is wondering if anyone can guard his son!

2 minutes left, Ridge Point's Conlie Christmas changes directions under the hoop to score on the other side. Panthers up 40-37

But with just over a minute left, Ugochukwu nails a 3 pointer to tie it up at 40.

After Ridge Point makes free throws to go up 3, Ugochukwu with the game tying 3's off the rim....then Jaden Campbell gets a shot at a 3....that's no good and Ridge Point hangs on to the 43-40 win much to Hakeem's dismay.