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Fort Bend Bush Girls Basketball Tasted Playoffs Last Year & Have Been Focused on Making it Back

At Fort Bend Bush, basketball season begins with a renewed sense of excitement for the Lady Broncos. After finishing last year winning 5 of their last 7 regular season games to make the playoffs for the first time since 2016, and then giving state-ranked Katy all it could handle in the first round, the Lady Broncos are excited to build off of that strong finish.

Casey Thomas, SR Post - It felt good to get something accomplished bc we work hard all day and the main goal is to make it to playoffs, so it felt really good to finally feel that intensity of a playoff game and get the experience

Kimberly Smallwood - That’s when I saw the teamwork coming into play, and basically what we’re doing is building on that last game, I showed them that’s what a good team is, working together and we’re able to come together to defeat somebody

Arianna Sturdivant, SR G - Even though we didn’t get where we wanted to go, we feel more confident about coming into this year to go much farther

Bush returns five senior starters and co-captains this year, and that experience showed in the Lady Broncos work ethic throughout the offseason.

Skiahla Chalmers, SR G - The chemistry is through the roof this year, we all know what our strong points are and what our weak points are, and we’re using that to our advantage

Smallwood - Girls were putting in work over the summer, the gym was open for them to use, and they used the facility all the way up until school started, once school started, they were staying after school, putting in work, so I see a big difference and I think they want it more

De’jah Vigilante, SR G - We did a lot of running, a lot of shooting on the shooting machine, ball handling, and running plays till we get it right.

Two key members of the Lady Broncos’ senior class have a longer journey here than the rest. The Vigilante(Vi-jon-tee) twins grew up in the Virgin Islands before moving here a few years ago, and they don’t take this opportunity for granted.

Da’jah Vigilante, SR G - We don’t have a lot of stuff like they have here, like state championships and playoffs, we only played like six games and there’s only two high schools, so it’s a better experience for us to evolve as a player

And as they begin their senior season at Bush, they’re looking forward to making this a memorable year for the Lady Broncos.

De’jah Vigilante, SR G - I’m really excited, especially being my senior year, our last year, so we have to do really great to make it where we want to go this year

Arianna Sturdivant, SR G -1 It’s our last year, we’re gonna give it our all, go much farther this year, we’re very excited

Smallwood - My seniors know what I want and know what we need in order to achieve what we want and where we want to go, and that’s eventually state, last year we talked a lot about making the playoffs, so we made it to the playoffs, now we need to see beyond playoffs