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FB Marshall at FB Willowridge - 2020 Week 12 Highlights

Fort Bend Marshall entered their first place game with Fort Bend Willowridge having allowed only 6 points in 6 games.

Buffalo's Quarterback Roland Harvey fakes two handoffs and then says "forget this...I'm out of here".....the Eagle defense can't touch him as that's a 55 yard touchdown to put Marshall up 7-0.

Later first, Willowridge has the Buf's pinned at their own 7. That's good news, right? Well, not if they let Chris Marshall get behind the defense, which they did.....Harvey connects with the wide open Marshall and that's a 93 yard touchdown pass.

And don't forget about that Marshall defense. The Eagles try the running game, but Laurence Tillman just rips the ball away and takes off for a 24 yard touchdown. Marshall pitches their 6th shutout in 7 games with the 56-0 win. They have now outscored their opponents 378 to 6