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Dulles Football Team Volunteer Program is Our Chevy Spotlight

While many high school students may use the holiday break to catch up on sleep or play video games, a group of Dulles football players is using the time off to give back to the community, volunteering here at the Houston Food Bank.

Mekhi Proctor, SO LB 9:02 To spend time helping others, rather than just spending time at home
Austin Sanchez, JR LB 13:01 I personally enjoy giving back to the community knowi ng everyone doesn’t have the same opportunities that I do, so it feels good to know I can make a difference
Stephen McCormick, Asst Coach :10 We want our athletes to be leaders not only on the field but off the field, our number one commodity is time, so we want to give back the time, invest in our community, invest in our school, and really train the leadership up by serving

Dulles football players are encouraged to do at least 10 hours of community service, with a goal of 25 hours a year per athlete, and a goal this year to log a grand total of 500 hours as a team. The Vikings do everything from campus clean-ups to volunteering at neighborhood elementary schools to holiday toy drives.

McCormick :48 The kids really surprise me about how they compete and try to serve and outserve one another and really invest and look for those opportunities to give back
Hunter Pumphrey, SR OL 4:11 If they’re in need, and I don’t know ‘em, I’ll just go out and help, when Harvey hit, ppl across Highway 6, they were devastated, so one day we drove by, didn’t know these ppl, asked them if we could come out and help, so we went over there and we helped out

Senior Offensive Lineman Hunter Pumphrey is one of the superstars of this program. He’s served more than 100 hours over the last two years and is always looking to do more.

Pumphrey 8:11 Cuz I love doing this stuff, it’s basically ppl who give back to me, this time I give back to them for what they’ve done for me, I can do it for them, pay back them

Volunteers like Hunter and his teammates are essential for organizations like the Houston Food Bank, and their efforts make a huge impact on those less-fortunate.

Amy Ragan, Houston Food Bank 4:25 We can’t do what we do without volunteers, in order to get that food out into the community to make sure that those who need it, get it, we have to have volunteers here to pack that food and get it out right away

For the Vikings, this program plays a huge role in their development into young men set to head into the real world.

McCormick 2:11 I love seeing the kids grow as leaders, really seeing them take ownership, and I hope that translates, bc we will coach more fathers, more husbands, more business leaders, than we will NFL football players
Proctor 11:24 It makes me feel good, it makes me feel like I should do more, bc if other people are gonna feel this way as well, then it’s more rewarding than just doing it for one person
Sanchez 13:40 It feels good knowing I can impact someone’s life, even if it doesn’t feel like it, unloading a cereal box doesn’t feel like a big thing to me, but to someone else it could mean the world