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Dickinson at Clear Falls - Boys 2022 Basketball Highlights

Dickinson looking to clinch the 24-6A crown with a win over Clear Falls

First quarter, how about the nice backdoor pass from Josh Moore to Orlando Horton for a basket giving the Knights the early lead.

Moore believes it's better to give than to receive as he makes another nice assist to Javon Murray for the basket. 10-10 after 1.

Down 3 in the 2nd, Zyon Little wants to make that all up in one shot....he does with the 3 in the corner. 25 all.

3rd quarter, Josh Moore trying to get a bucket inside, but there's Seth Jones to send that back where it came from. Nice block.

Then Jones throws up the alley oop to Donovan Green for the big slam. Gators take their 6th district title in 7 years with the 65-60 win.