Cy Ridge at Cy Fair - 2020 Week 12 Highlights

The 6th ranked Bobcats of Cy Fair taking on Cy Ridge Thursday night

One of the main reason's they're ranked so high?....this man...L J of the nations top undeclared players. Johnson picks up 62 on this carry plus a few more for the face mask.

Then he caps it off with a 8 yard jaunt to the end zone. 7-0 Cy Fair

2nd quarter, Landen Arrington takes the direct snap, fakes the reverse and breaks free for the 39 yard score. Bobcats up 16-0.

Late 2nd quarter, Carson Cravens takes a shot at the end zone and when Jaxson Chrest's defender falls down, that's a 23 yard touchdown. Cy Fair taking care of business again, 44-3.