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Cy Creek at Cy-Fair - Boys 2022 Basketball Highlights

Going into Tuesday, it was a log jam atop 17-6A as 4 teams were tied for first including Cy Creek and Cy-Fair

First quarter, check out the sweet dribbling by Arlind Konjuhi and then he knocks down the jumper. Bobcats up early.

Konjuhi must’ve been feeling himself because he’d then take it in amongst the trees and Corey Hadnot says NO SIR!!!!!

Down 4, Cy Creek’s Thurston Ashford finds his spot and connects on a 3. 20 points for Ashford but Cougars trailed 26-25.

3rd quarter, Hadnot looks like he’s going to use the pick, but decides he doesn’t need it as he flies in for the layup.

Late 3rd, there’s Konjuhi again…pulling up for a long 2 and it’s good. Bobcats up 42-38.

Hadnot would take over down the stretch. Here he knocks down the step back 3 to give the Cougars a 5 point lead.

Then he ends this one with a showstopping one handed dunk. 31 points for Hadnot as Cy Creek erases a 12 point deficit to win by 12, 70-58.