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Crosby vs Beaumont United - Boys 2022 Basketball Highlights

TCU bound P J Haggerty hoping to lead Crosby to state with a win over #1 Beaumont United

First quarter, watch Haggerty with the handles and then the step back he something special. Crosby up 28-22 at the half

Third quarter, Haggerty draws the double team and gets hacked...he forces it up and it goes in. Wow.

Off the inbounds, Sean Elkinton is cutting to the basket for the easy bucket. Cougars up 35-34

Haggerty draws the double team again, but that leaves Elkinton wide open for's good, but Crosby trailed by 1 after 3.

The Wolves would be too much. Especially Wesley Yates who finished with 24 points and this sweet left handed layup. Crosby season ends with a 63-57 loss.