Clements High School Band - Chevy Spotlight

When the Clements football team leaves the field at halftime, fullback Brandon Segura is hardly getting a break as he goes to join his bandmates, something very rarely seen at the 5A level. I've heard a lot of smaller schools doing it, I love both and wanted to do both. Brandon is just one of numerous members of the Rangers band who are involved in multiple extra curricular activities. A lot of the kids have a great humanitarian spirit, big family atmosphere, really good musicians. Loyal to each other lot of stuff active in community, missed summer band cause they were on mission trips. From helping out around the world to right at home in the Clements band hall. Basel Najjar is one of around 10 Eagle Scouts in the Rangers Band and for one of his community service projects he's remodeled a storage area in the band hall. Being an Eagle Scout is a huge honor and it looks good on the resume it pays off a the end. Despite all of the other interests the Rangers have been one of the most successful bands in the state qualifying for the UIL state meet 8 straight times. It's a little bit of pressure it's kind of hard cause you have something to live up to but the way we rehearse and prepare is how we get to state. There's a lot of pressure we put a lot of pressure on ourselves, we feel folks look up to us and we need to get better you're either getting better or getting worse, you never stay the same. The Clements Rangers Marching Band this week's Chevy Spotlight.