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Founded on Tradition & Success Woodlands Football Program is Highly-Regarded Despite Their Season

Few Houston-area programs can boast of the tradition and success of The Woodlands. The opportunity to play for this highly-regarded program is an honor not lost on the current Highlanders.

Cannon Starcke, SR LB: I always say ‘it’s not the player, it’s the program’ and I believe the program has built each and every one of us up to what we are today 1:36 I’ve had two brothers go through the program, and I’ve grown up watching all the players on the field, and I’ve dreamt of being a Highlander every single year throughout my childhood, so it means everything to me

Cody Johnson, SR OL: Growing up, you always look up to those kids, you go to the games on Friday nights, sit in the stands watching and know that one day it’s going to be you, so it’s really special

As the Highlanders hit the practice field, they do so with the motto “Live up to it,” working to live up to the standard the “W” on their helmets represents.

Jim Rapp, HC : Tradition that we’re trying to uphold, The Woodlands HS, a tradition of excellence that’s out there, is very important the kids know about it, we talk about it, that high level of excellence that we need to achieve

Cody Johnson, SR OL: We all have a lot of expectations as a team, that’s just our responsibility as each piece of it, to live up to our standards that we were coached to do

With a roster loaded with senior-experience this year, The Highlanders are relying on veteran leadership to help pull this team out of its recent slump.

Davis Lohr, SR LB: We have so much talent and we have so much experience, we’ve been playing together since freshman year, we all know that we have a bond that’s unbreakable, we’re so senior heavy on this team

Cannon Starcke, SR LB: This group that we have right now is just so special with the talent and the fact that we’ve all grown up with each other all throughout our childhood

Jim Rapp, HC: We have some players that are new but we have a lot of kids that are holdovers and it’s been really good to have those players that have the experience and know what it’s like, have been through the battles before and they know what it takes to be successful as varsity football players

After back-to-back losses, the Highlanders know they need to dig deep to survive what might be the most daunting district in the state, 15-6A.

If we can improve offensively and if we can stay healthy, we have a chance to be a pretty good team...but we’re still a work in progress, we played three rounds last year and there’s no reason why this team couldn’t do the same thing, we just have to continue to work and get better.