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Brenham at Katy Paetow - 2021 Basketball Highlights

Welcome back to the show. 7th ranked Katy Paetow and big man, Charles Chukwu (Choo-Kwoo), taking on Brenham last night.

Chukwu doing damage early defensively as he swats that Brenham shot away as the Panthers defense in basketball is just as good as their defense in football. This starts the break and after some terrific ball movement, Paetow would get the games first points with this 3 pointer from Ade (Aid-e) Onaleye (On uh Lay he).

Later first, Elijah Roberts goes inside to Abou (Uh-boo) Camara for the basket off the glass.

Trevor Frank drives the lane and misses the shot, Chukwu pulls the rebound down between 3 defenders and rams it back down. Now that's how you intimidate an opponent right there. Wow.

Another missed shot by the Cubs and that springs Roberts open for the break away layup. Paetow up 18-15.

Finally the Panthers move the ball "IN and OUT" like a burger. That leaves Ikemba (Uh-kemba) Otuonye (O-too-uh-nay) open for a corner trey...its good. Paetow dominates Brenham 75-41.