Bellaire Episcopal vs Greenhill - Boys 2022 Basketball Highlights

Bellaire Episcopal did not enter the S-P-C Tournament as a favorite and after 3 straight wins, they certainly weren’t favored to win against Greenhill and their 2 Vanderbilt commits. However, the Knights kept it tight throughout the game by making shots when they needed them most. The Hornets would lead by 7 in the final minutes of the game thanks to big time dunks by Lee Dort who finished with 22. But when they needed big time shots, Coach Wayne Jones turned to the kid beaming with confidence….a sophomore….Justin Begg. He would hit a reverse layup to cut it to 2. Then, down 53-50, Begg stepped up again with a straight on 3 pointer to tie it up. Greenhill would go back up 2, but the Knights had one last chance and Begg came through again. Using the pump fake in the corner, Justin got off another 3 with 3 seconds left…it’s good!!!! Greenhill’s Noah Shelby tried a half court shot to tie it, but it didn’t go and Bellaire Episcopal won the state title 56-55.