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Barbers Hill at Crosby - Game of the Week

Crosby fired up for this one as they look to get off to a good start in district play. Already up 3-0 when Reggie Branch launches a rainbow deep to Jalen Herman, check out the hangtime on that one as he catches it in stride for a 54 yd TD, to put Crosby up 10-0.

On the next possession Barbers Hill gets the offense going. At the Crosby 24. Brent Holdren with the screen to Maddox Malone. Good blocking & Malone breaks a tackle at the 10. He’s into the end zone, to cut the lead to 3, 10-7

After the defense holds, Barbers Hill goes into their bag of tricks but it's a botched reverse. Fumbled & picked up by Jamauri Johnson. He gets a good bounce, will he score? No but He returns it all the way back to the 13 yard line -- which sets up a FG making it 13-7

Just before halftime, the Crosby defense grabs some momentum as Randolph Hubbard steps in front of this pass near midfield. He returns it all the way down to the 21 yd line. He would pick 2 passes on the night.

That sparks the offense. A couple of plays later... Branch floats one into the endzone. The coverage is there but Jalen Herman with the great concentration hauls it in, thats a backbreaker as the Cougars sneak a touchdown before halftime...20-7.

That sets up Crosby & Reggie Branch. He can't find anybody to throw to so he takes off, he doesn’t quite get to the end zone, he’s Knocked out at the 1 after a 29 yd pickup and Cougars would later score

Later, Reggie Branch creating more offense. The keeper near the sideline & he'll go 35 yds for the score, Crosby rolls in this one, 34-7 the final.